Happy Chinese New Year!

One of the best things about my job is the fairly frequent potlucks we throw. We will use any occasion to have a feast. There are some amazing cooks and bakers among our staff and it is always exciting to come in on potluck days to see what delicious dishes have arrived in our staff room. Today, we celebrated Chinese New Year. Our dishes weren’t strictly Chinese (doughnuts & ravioli), but they were strictly scrumptious. And we don’t just eat – we decorate, too. My boss has a flair for decorating and our staff room was transformed into a mini Chinese courtyard. It was another successful and fun celebration that turned a dreary Monday into an enjoyable banquet.

Chinese banners

 Chinese banners dress up cold, grey storage cabinets.


 Noodles for longevity.

chinese lantern

Pretty paper lanterns.


 Oranges for wealth and luck.

pretty paper decoration

 A lantern as a centerpiece.

fortune cookies

Good fortune to you.

year of the snake

Here’s to the Year of the Snake!